The Haircut: Reflections of an Early Curiosity for Growth

(2015) This work explores themes of transformation and gender expression. The installation is controlled by a proximity sensor (hacked Xbox Kinect) that sits below a wall hung television.

Clip A plays on a loop when the senor is enabled; Clip B plays on loop when the senor is disabled.

Looking back now, in this moment while I build a BU-SOCIAL account… “The Haircut” is my earliest work where I declared a ‘personal intent’ to myself; that I would focus on one theme: identity. And I was lost for words and direction when I did this, but I felt a lot of urges that I haven’t stopped acting on.

I’m here now, having fallen in love and experienced heartbreak, experiencing more authenticity then ever, and one year into a ‘social transition’ from she/her to they/them. All is/was awkward and confusing, but all is also growth that I am proud of.

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