We’re listening & ready to hear from you!

Hi, my name is Marvin Pope, and this prototype was built to give you an opportunity to experience and test out my concept of a new social-media site. Your feedback will help shape the App version. I want you to help by telling me the things you want in it as well as what tools and features you would like to help further the creation and expression of you and your passions. My goal is not only to design a platform I like and want to be a part of, but one you like too. This platform is for authentic and transparent expressions of what makes you, you, to create a true community. The goal is to foster a better understanding and positive exchange of ideas, connectivity, and encouragement, in a safe, yet focused environment. I want to create a platform that allows us to be the best version of ourselves. Everyone has a passion, whether you know what it is or you need help discovering it, we’re here for you with support and positive reinforcement to help you on your journey to accepting yourself. That’s the world I’m trying to create. A judgement free world where our children are able to embrace their natural connection to their passions and are able to freely choose their role in society. A world where they are taught to continue to embrace their imagination and passions, and are given the tools to further their development and cultivation. Isn’t that the foundation of our existence?
So tell me, what do you want BU- Social to be?
To take the survey and preview the App Design, please click the "BU-SOCIAL SURVEY LINK" to begin:


Comments, thoughts, or concerns not covered in our questions will be greatly appreciated as well.